2nd Bioinformatics and Biodiversity Conferences (BBC) is the annual conference to support the development of bioinformatics research in Indonesia. BBC is organized by the Masyarakat Bioinformatika dan Biodiversitas Indonesia (MABBI) and AKADEMISI Team. This conference was initiated by bioinformatics communities to accelerate the development of computational science, biodiversity research and related studies in Indonesia. Recently, Bioinformatics research is becoming more popular and many scientific papers have been published from Indonesian researchers. Discussions of new findings or methods will be facilitated in this event.

This program encourages researchers from multidiscipline areas to have a collaboration. Merging basic and applied sciences to solve the complex issues related to medical, environmental and omics areas. Computational approach and synthetic biology could be useful for accelerating research in Indonesia.

The event also accommodates the annual meeting for bioinformaticians in Indonesia and provides special event for university students to globally spread their ideas or prototype of their products related to bioinformatics area. With no doubt, this will be the first biggest event of Bioinformatics in Indonesia and invite all researchers to enhance the development of bioinformatics by joining this annual scientific meeting.

Published: Mar 21, 2022

In Silico Analysis of Sox2 Gene for Pluripotency Detection at Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast and induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)

Mar 21, 2022
Aroem Naroeni, Seprianto, Kevin Febrianus Moda

Effect Soursop (Annona muricata L.) Leaf Aqueous Extract (SLAE) on Remodeling of Ventricle Heart Tissue in Obesity Rats Model

Mar 21, 2022
Hafidh Nur Haq, Aris Rosidah, Dini Sri Damayanti

Compounds Profile of Polar Subfraction of Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Soft Coral Nepthea sp., Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Properties

Mar 21, 2022
Baru Sadarun, Adryan Fristiohady, Nur Syifa Rahmatika, Agung Wibawa Mahatva Yodha, Muhammad Hajrul Malaka, Andini Sundowo, I. Sahidin

Utilization of Waste Frying Oil as A Source of Carbon in The Production of Biosurfactant using Exiguobacterium profundum

Mar 21, 2022
Irma Mardiah, Kartika Puspitaningrum, Syarif Hamdani, Nur Asni Setiani

Processing of Red Dahlia Tubers in Produce Inulin Extract and Material Proximate Testing

Mar 21, 2022
Sunarti Sunarti, Chrismis Novalinda Ginting, Sahna Ferdinand Ginting

Typhonium flagelliforme as a Cancer Prevention Plant-Based on In Vitro, In Vivo and Bioinformatics Research Method: A Systematic Literature Review

Mar 21, 2022
Teddy Siswanto, Ratna Shofiati, Ismi Hasnatul Afifah

In Silico Design and Validation of CRISPR-Cas13a System as a Potential Antiviral for SARS-CoV-2 in Indonesia

Mar 30, 2022
Alfero Putra Iryanto, Christy, Muhammad Farrel Ewaldo, Anggia Prasetyoputri, Ratih Asmana Ningrum, Riza Arief Putranto, Akhirta Atikana

Overabundance of Lactobacillus iners in the Urogenital Microbiome of a Female Patient with Urinary Tract Infection

Mar 30, 2022
Fitri Nadifah, Wayan Tunas Artama, Budi Setiadi Daryono, Endah Retnaningrum