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1st ICEMAC 2020: International Conference on Economics, Management, and Accounting

nternational Conference on Economics, Management, and Accounting (ICEMAC) is an activity in the form of an international conference by representing new studies and research results in the field of Economics, Management, and Accounting. Management and Accounting Study Program is the organizer of this international standard conference.


The 1st ICEMAC 2020 will bring together national and international researchers, practitioners, students, and community and industry activists in our chosen fields. Given the conditions of the COVID 19 pandemic that impact various lines, especially research in this field, the 1st ICEMAC 2020 international conference has the central theme, namely "Improving Innovation and Competitiveness in The Pandemic Era Through Economics, Management, and Accounting Research."


Published: 2021-06-15

The Whistleblowing System, Literacy of Big Data Analytics, and Tax Avoidance: Experimental Study

Agrippina Galuh Sulistyaningrum, R. Nelly Nur Apandi, Alfira Sofia


K-Pop's popularity strategy in the international arena

Ayu Nur Aini, Muhammad Fahmi, Andri Ardhiyansyah, Bagja Rahma Putra


K-Pop Marketing Tactics That Build Fanatical Behavior

Andri Ardhiyansyah, Dwi Putri Maharani, Sintia Permata Sari, Umar Mansur


Analysis of Stock Prices Before and After the Pandemic on Banking in Indonesia

Heliani, Nurul Setia Rahayu, Randi, Rida Fitriana, Junaedi Siswanto


Analysis of Corporate Value in Manufacturing Companies

Supriandi, Yusuf Iskandar, Ujang Setiawan


Analysis of Financial Performance Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic Era at PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) TBK

Ranti Nurdiansari, Heliani, Erma Susilawati, Anis Sriwahyuni, Elin Paulina


The Impact of Abusive Supervision and Locus of Control on Budgetary Slack

Fitri Mareta, Aldini Nofta Martini, Aryan Danil Mirza, Elin Paulina


The Role of Training Management in The Development of Human Resources in The Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Siti Aisah, Anisa Junianti, Sonya Pita Lestari, Riyan Mirdan Faris, Kurniawan, M. Andri Juniansyah


The Role of Organizational Culture in Improving Employee Performance in The Era of Globalization

Ahmad Sahal Gojali, Anysha Rahmasuri, Eneng Selvi, Rahmi Rahmawati Sayyidah, Riyan Mirdan Faris, Kharisma, Bagja Rahma Putra


Analysis of Property Tax Revenues Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sukabumi

Dede Wahidin, Fitri Mareta, Heliani, Retna Wulandari, Widia Khairunnisa


Integration of Stakeholders in Dealing with Covid 19: New Normal in Business Life

Bintang Mukhammad Burhanudin Akbar, Yusuf Iskandar, Kurniawan


Batik SME Marketing Model: From Conventional to Community

Sony Heru Priyanto, Theresia Woro Damayanti, Rosaly Franksiska


The Effects of Organizational Design on Hospital Nurse Burnout and Perfor-mance

Friska Sipayung, Liasta Ginting, Magdalena L. L. Sibarani


Flight Attendant Training Program Evaluation Based on Kirkpatrick Model

Chandra Sagul Haratua Gultom, R. Madha Komala, Maruf Akbar


Analysis of Financial Statements PT. Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna TBK

Luthfi Widianto Halim, Rossherleen Clarissa Halim, Imam Setia Permana


Flight Attendant Training Program Evaluation Based on Kirkpatrick Model

Chandra Sagul Haratua Gultom, R. Komala, Maruf Akbar


Transfer Pricing, A Tax Avoidance Tool (A Review of Literature)

Delina Herdian Septiani, Ida Farida Adi Prawira, Memen Kustiawan


Financial Performance Analysis at PT. Bata Shoes Tbk

Rizki Apriani, Amelia Fernawati, Dhea Lestari Noor Putri


Comparative Analysis of Company Profitability in The Pandemic Time With 2 Years of Pre-Pandemic

Agus Darmawan, Ana Yuliana Jasuni, Bagja Rahma Putra, Fitrina Lestari


Taxpayer Behavior Towards Fixed Asset Revaluation

Ida Farida Adi Prawira, Memen Kustiawan, Fitri Anggrayni


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