Covid-19 pandemic hits various aspects of life in nearly all countries in the world. The pandemic devastates all (social, cultural, economic, political, particularly health, and people life sustainability) life orders from global scale to the smallest one (macro-mezo-micro): world order, nation state, community, family, and even individual. It forces the people to adapt to new normal condition. In such situation, the research on many disciplines plays an important role to capture the global pandemic phenomenon occurring and the attempt of coping with it. It is very important for individual states to be prepared for dealing with the new epidemic. Through International Health Regulation, WHO along with all of its members has also agreed to implement this international treaty to improve the state’s capacity of dealing with epidemic through preventive, detective, and responsive approaches. The largest bet to win the fight against pandemic is the collapse of national health system. A synergy is required in the research process for managing and preventing corona virus. The research on the need for Covid-19 management and prevention will be useful to reduce the import of health equipments. A preventive measure should be taken recalling that this global pandemic cannot be considered as ordinary one. To coordinate the measure, LPPM (Research and Community Service Institution) of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran of East Java holds Webinar activity themed Research Synergy in Dealing Global Pandemic into Multidimensional Aspect for National Defenses as a synergic attempt along with Government, many Universities or Colleges and international community to prevent the transmission and to reduce the impact of Covid-19. Furthermore, this Covid-19 pandemic will expectedly not transmit more widely and will end immediately. The authors should be prepared for conducting research with new normal paradigm. To provide an inclusive pandemic management, a synergy is required between multidisciplinary researches

Participant: The conference is open to all academic experts,
students, researchers, and professionals

Date and venue: Tuesday/ October 27, 2020
08.00 am – 04.00 pm
Zoom/Live Streaming Youtube. 

Published: 2021-04-27

Biotechnology for Beginner Student

Elly Syafriani, Medina Uli Alba Somala, Nova Triani


The Role of Ampo As an Adsorbent for Reducing Peroxide Value in Used Cooking Oil

Susilowati, Khanza Lolita Astya, Ulinnuha Syaiful Bachri


Comparison Between Chlorella vulgaris And Spirulina platensis in Oxidation Ditch Algae Reactor for Treating Tofu Wastewater

Savira Safrilia, Lolita Kurniasari, Euis Nurul Hidayah, Okik Hendriyanto Cahyonugroho, Aulia Ulfah Farahdiba


Comparative Analysis of Rest and GraphQL Technology on Nodejs-Based Api Development

Gede Susrama Mas Diyasa, Gideon Setya Budiwitjaksono, Hafidz Amarul Ma’rufi, Ilham Ade Widya Sampurno


Feature Extraction for Sentiment Analysis in Indonesian Twitter

Eka Dyar Wahyuni, Amalia Anjani Arifiyanti, Mohamad Irwan Afandi


Techniques Display Data in A Visual Database Programming Language

Agung Brastama Putra, Siti Mukaromah, Mohamad Riza Ramadhani Oding, Muhammad Rizky Rahmatul Anam


See Photography as a Visual Art Storing

Aryo Bayu Wibisono, Aphief Tri Artanto, Alfian Ayuswantana


Transitional Space as Solution for Occupants Safety: Learning from the Past

Ami Arfianti, Murni Rachmawati, Purwanita Setijanti


Literature Review: Environmental Awareness and Pro-Environmental Behavior

Wiwik Handayani, Reiga Ritomiea Ariescy, Felia Ananda Cahya, Salsabila Islami Yusnindi, Desy Ari Sulistyo


Implementation of Green Accounting Based on University Social Responsibility

Dwi Suhartini, Tituk Diah Widajantie, Astrini Aning Widoretno, Fajar Nugroho


“Awig-Awig As Traditional Law Written in Traditional Law Perspective in Indonesia”

Wiwin Yulianingsih, Yana Indawati, Adhitya Widya Kartika


Trenggalek Community Empowerement Model Base on Local Food Innovation

Didiek Tranggono, Andre Yusuf Trisna, Praja Firdaus Nuryananda


Cultural Tourism: Study of Wonorejo Nationalistic Village

Rusdi Hidayat Nugroho, Budi Prabowo, Resa Rasyidah, Praja Firdaus Nuryananda


Comparing Indonesia and Malaysia Public Budgeting Process

Indrawati Yuhertiana, Dwi Suhartini, Oryza Tannar


Prototype of Integrated Pier Entrance Gate Access With QR-Code as An Iot-Based Manifest Recording System

I Gede Susrama Mas Diyasa, I Nyoman Dita Pahang Putra, I Gede Okta Budi Merdana, Ilham Ade Widya Sampurno


Business Process Improvement at Rosokku

Eka Dyar Wahyuni, Sugiarto


Healthy Snack for Diabet Patients with Cocoyams Tubers

Dedin Finatsiyatull Rosida , Fetty Tri Anggraeni


Assistant Development Program for Home Industry Community at Bluru Kid-ul Village, Sidoarjo City

Didiek Tranggono, Ririn Puspita Tutiasri, Andre Yusuf Trisna Putra


The Modification of Management Cost of Products and Promotion Education in UMKM Cemandi Sidoarjo

Dwi Suhartini, Oryza Tannar, Muhammad Nugraha Eka Wardana, Galuh Tiaramurti


From Globalisation to Glocalisation: A Study Case from Galengdowo, Jombang

Herlina Suksmawati, Ade Kusuma, Renitha Dwi Hapsari, Praja Firdaus


I-OT.Net As Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud in Internet-Based Control System Applications

Basuki Rahmat, Ida Retno Moeljani, Bhakti Wisnu Widjajani, Sudiyarto, Harianto


Ecotourism Strategy in Facing the New-Normal Era (Case Study: Ecowisata Gunung Anyar)

Wiwik Dwi Susanti, Muchlisiniyati Safeyah, Fairuz Mutia