Whereas economic growth is recognized as the most important instrument for the decline in global poverty levels in the past 50 years, not all countries have been equally successful at reducing poverty, and income inequality has risen considerably within and among countries. Moreover, current production processes cannot be sustained within planetary boundaries: resource depletion, climate change, massive increases in waste production and pollution are challenges that have endured. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls upon countries to pursue a different kind of growth, one that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

The driving force of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, will be innovation – experimenting with different ways to make use of a range of emerging physical, digital and biological technologies that transform how we produce, consume, and interact and, ultimately, how it meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). New technologies include remarkable advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, the Internet of Things, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

Industry 4.0 describes the integration of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with traditional physical products and processes, which will create new business models and new markets. The major idea of Industry 4.0 is the introduction of internet technologies into industry. Currently, industrial production is facing serious challenges, because information and communication technologies – e.g. the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Embedded Systems (ES), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M), Cloud Computing –are entering the factory. I4.0 is a generic term, a vision that shows where the journey in industrial production is going.

Steering Committee : Prof. Ir. Renanto, M.Sc., Prof. Akhmad Fauzi, M.M., Dr. Dra. Jariyah, M.P.,Prof. Dr. Soemargono, S.U., Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Redjeki, M.T., Euis Nurul H, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., Ir. Kindriari Nurma W, M.T.,Dr. Ir. Minto Waluyo, M.M

Chief of the committee: Dr. Ir. Sintha Soraya S, M.T., Dr. Farida Pulansari, S.T., M.T.

Publication and Documentation Division: Anugerah Dani P, S.TP., M.P., M.Sc., Rizka Novembriato, S.T., M.T, Ahmad Fahri Husaini, Lucky Bayu Riantin

Event Division: Dr. Dra. Wulan Retno W, M.Pd, Aulia Ulfa Farahdiba, S.T., M.Sc., Beta Cahaya Pertiwi, Sucahyaning Wahyu T.K

Secretariat Division: Dr. Dira Ernawati, S.T., M.T., Kinanti R. Hayati, S. Hum., M.A., Riski Ayu Anggreini, S.TP., M.Sc., Indah Fitriana Solichah, S.T.

Funding and Equipment Division: Rachmad Ramadhan Y, S.T., M.T., Yusron Falah, S.T.

Consumption Division: Husnul Yaqien, S.T., Erna Yuliani, Nia Tri Lestari, S.Kom

Transportation Division: Adi Suprapto, S.P.

Published: 2020-11-02

Observation of Canna lily for Phytotechnology in Constructed Wetland

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Effect of Fly Ash Height in the Adsorption Column to Remove Phosphate in Laundry Wastewater

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Optimization of Biscuit from Pedada Fruit and Purple Sweet Potato Flour

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FTIR Analysis of MgO/TiO2 Nanocomposite on Adsorption of Remazol Turquoise Blue Dye

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Performance of Spirulina Platensis in Oxidation Ditch Reactor for treating To-fu Wastewater

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Integrating CBS and WBS in Construction Projects by Using Data Analytics

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Oxidation Ditch Reactor to Remove Ammonia and Phosphate in Tofu Wastewater and Skin Tanning Wastewater

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Application of Thomas Model to Determine the Capacity of Bintaro Fruit Shell Adsorbent

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Borax as a Non-Food Grade Addivite in the Perspective of Foof Safety and Human Resources Formation: A Literature Review

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Survey of Livestock Counting and Tracking Methods

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Synthesis of Edible Film from Crab Shell Chitosan and Banana Peel Starch

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Study of Making Potassium Posphate from Seaweed Industrial Wastewater

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Study the Effect of Smoking on the Potential of Human Resources

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Extraction of Tannin From Ketapang Leaves (Terminalia catappa Linn)

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Biosorption of Total Chrome Metals on Leather Tannery Liquid Waste Using Tofu Dregs

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Reduction of Chrom Ion (Cr) With Ion Exchange Resin in Liquid Waste of Leather Tanning

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Utilizing Organic Waste (Sugarcane Bagasse and Sugarcane Leaves) as Bio Briquettes through Pyrolysis Process

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Effect of Dope Composition and Additive Agent on the Properties of La0.6Sr04Co0.2Fe0.8O3-? Asymmetric Flat Membranes

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Different Dietary Protein Sources Affect the Intestinal Tight Junctions in the Colon of Mice

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Wetland Saline Water and Acid Mine Drainage Desalination by InterlayeFree Silica Pectin Membrane from Banan Peels

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Groundwater Risk Assessment as an Impact of Land Use in the Groundwater Basin of Salatiga, Province of Central Java, Salatiga

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